"Marco's Get Beyond Fit 3+1 plan helped me increase my stamina on stage,  reduce my stress level and lean out while improving my overall strength."                        David Cook                                                                       American Idol winner, 7th season "Marco's 3+1 plan which included boxing, football and circuit training took my fitness and body to a new level." Joanna Pacitti Singer, songwriter, actress “Marco is the best!!! He’s patient, kind and lots of fun! And didn’t mind me stepping on his toes! His Get Beyond Fit plan opened up a whole new world to me.” Sharon Tay News anchor "Marco ripped me up and got me ready for film. Thanks to Get Beyond Fit!"                             Josh Henderson                             Actor "Performing surgery is both mentally and physically taxing. By exercising, eating the right foods and  getting my body fat percentage down I've been able to improve my skill. Big thanks to Marco and Get  Beyond Fit." Dr. Joel Aronowitz Plastic surgeon "Staggering my calories really helped me lose the last few pounds of fat, while improving my strength and tone. I recommend Marco's Get Beyond Fit 3+1 Diet." Daphnee Lynn Actress, model "Get Beyond Fit rocks. Marco helped me improve my energy level and balance out my eating. His wife rocks, too.” Carrie Stevens Actress, model "I worked out with Marco and Get Beyond Fit for 3 months before hitting the stage. His dynamic workouts and food guidance helped me tremendously." Darren Pettie Actor "Marco was helpful in getting me ready for film. His workouts and food plan combined gave me great  results." Thomas Jane  Actor, writer, director, producer "This is a well thought out and easy to follow food plan.  The book is written in a systematic, logical fashion, making it simple for people to follow and lose weight.  As a physician who cares about my patients’ health and weight, I will definitely recommend this book to them." Ali Chahlavi, MD Neurosurgeon "The Get Beyond Fit 3+1 Diet was the best diet I have ever been on. I went from 24% body fat to 17% body fat. My body has never looked so good! I have muscle definition, I have a 6 pack, basically, I have the body of my dreams. I would recommend this plan to anyone. Thanks Marco!" Shannon Hunt Country singer "After having my second baby I committed to Marco's Get Beyond Fit 3+1 Diet and was able to get back to my pre-baby weight quickly.  I felt strong and energetic.  What I love the most about his plan is how simple it was. As a busy mom that was the key, simple and totally doable." Angel Boris Actress/Playmate "Marco's combination of training and systematic approach to nutrition literally changed how I live for the better.  His combination of 3+1 Get Beyond Fit, combined with strength training and endurance swimming and running have made me significantly stronger and incredibly more energetic.  I now have the confidence to take on any challenge." Adam Chase Business Owner and Educator "Marco's 3+1 Get Beyond Fit plan rocked me back into high school shape.  The fat flew off even though the scale was moving slowly.  My body fat got all the way down to 14% and probably would have gone even lower but he stopped me before I got too obsessed.  Thanks Marco for the creative approach to  health." Karin Klein Attorney/Mom
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