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Yes, I said it.  I said Diet.  It’s not just a four letter word …… Webster’s defines it as “a  particular selection of food designed or prescribed to improve a person's physical condition  or to prevent or treat a disease.” Most of us are just normal people trying to lose a little weight and  improve our fitness level.  The beauty of the 3 + 1 Diet is that it will work for everyone,  from the average person to a supermodel or rock star.     The 3+1 Diet concept is an initial 8-week commitment; eating  protein and vegetables for 3 days followed by 1 day of fruits and starches  (something to  look forward to every 4-days, CARB DAY) ---- hence, three plus one!  It’s an easy,  effective, energy boosting and lifestyle-changing system.   There are no calories to count and eating out is even part of the  plan! 3+1 is effective because it builds in a calorie deficit mechanism, triggering fat loss at  an accelerated rate.  “Staggering” your calories inhibits your body’s internal survival mechanism of  calorie retention, forcing fat metabolism to manifest a nutrient surplus to boost  your production of energy.  Glycogen is the main form of carbohydrate storage and occurs primarily in the liver and  muscle tissue. It is readily converted to glucose as needed by the body to satisfy its  energy needs. Your muscles fill with glycogen, providing on demand muscle fuel, which  makes you feel more energetic than ever before.  Marco Reed
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