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Four Pillars of Health On your journey to Get Beyond Fit, there are 4 areas to consider, and each pillar should be given equal attention and care.  By implementing and nurturing these 4 areas you will reach your full potential and achieve overall life BALANCE. MOVEMENT THOUGHT CONNECTION STILLNESS Movement is about keeping the body in motion.  Whether you are someone who goes to the gym regularly or works out at home it is important to stay active.  Take the stairs instead of the escalator.  Take a hike on the weekends.  Find a sport that you enjoy.  Whatever you do STAY MOVING.  A sedentary lifestyle is your enemy. Thought is about planning and positive thinking.  One who plans achieves more.  Pre-plan the snacks you will have for the day.  Schedule your workout time.  Plan dinners for the week.  Keep your thoughts positive by creating inspiring affirmations.  Positive thinking replaces negative thinking.  We can only manage one thought at a time.  Be conscious of the thoughts you are putting out into the universe. Connection is about finding that which makes you want to be a better person.  It is important to find something that gets you to spring out of bed in the morning.  Not everyone loves what they do for a living but everyone can find a hobby or passion.  Let that passion inspire you and drive you to Get Beyond Fit.  Connection is all about giving back to the world in some way, finding a way to be of service.  Connection is about creating a support system of people you can count on.  Connection is about sharing your discoveries and passion with others.  Stillness is about recharging your batteries.  It is very crucial to find some quiet time for yourself.  Take time (even if only 5 minutes) to be alone and reflect on your experiences while going through the Get Beyond Fit program.  A five minute breathing/meditation does wonders at recharging your battery and bringing your intentions to life.  Write your ideas down in a journal or type them into your cell phone.  Writing your ideas will crystalize your discoveries.  Stillness is about getting the proper rest to balance out your movement.  Make sure to get over 7 hours of sleep and take a nap when you can.  Without stillness one often burns his candle at both ends.  Stillness is just as important as movement, thought and connection.