© Copyright 2011 Biography: Marco Reed Not just a celebrity trainer, Marco Reed has cut a wide swath of influence in the personal  training field.  Whether it’s taking an American Idol from stage to tour mode, customizing  workouts for his clients or prepping dancers for international Gold Medal wins, his hybrid diet  and exercise program gets fast results.  The 3+1 Diet is simple to follow and does not deprive  you of your favorite foods.  Marco has developed an easy to follow diet plan turning your body  into a fat burning machine!  His diet regimen is the perfect mixture of proteins, vegetables,  fruits and starches to maximize weight loss.  Marco has turned the industry on its head by  utilizing a strategic mix of multiple formats and combining that traditional profile into innovative  whole body applications.  One-on-one training or group boot camp style workouts incorporate  functional/circuit training, kick boxing, resistance work, dancing, stretching and simple  meditation which are augmented by a strong knowledge of nutrition.    Marco’s specialties are weight loss, sports performance, injury rehabilitation, and the training  of athletes, dancers, and performers to be camera ready or to prep for a competition.  He has  appeared on the pages of Cosmopolitan, LA Times, Variety, Fitness, Self and on television  with Tribune Broadcasting, ABC (L.A. affiliate) and more.  Clients include actor Thomas Jane,  Singers Adam Lambert and David Cook, Director Mike Binder, Newscaster Sharon Tay,  Joanna Pacitti, Josh Henderson, Daphnee Lynn, Carrie Stevens and Darren Petite. Marco  Reed is certified with ASAM, NASM, and APEX Nutrition.  His education includes a Bachelor’s  of Science in Exercise Physiology from UC Davis and a MA in Psychology from University of  Santa Monica.  Reed is a featured trainer for Exercise TV and a You Tube phenomenon with  more than 100 workouts online.
Master of Arts in Psychology Minor in Nutrition American College of Sports Medicine National Academy of Sports Medicine Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology
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